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Recently, I've been playing with an ebook reader on my second coming[1] - and discovering that having books that i'm currently reading always in my pocket gets me through them much faster - probably because I can always grab a page or few here or there.

While I often feel I have this backlog of books that I want to read, though, when I go to the ereader site to look for more books my mind goes blank. Stupid brains. They'd rather be thinking about graphs and profiling and optimizationings and .... well, anyway.

So, I have two questions to toss out there. The first is - If you could recommend two books that a person should absolutely read in the next 6 months, what would they be?

The second is - what book sites do you like/prefer? I'm looking for sites where you list what you have and/or what you've read, can review them, can rate them, can find recommendations, etc... There's the bookshelf app on facebook that i've done a bad job of keeping up to date (I also have a delicious library setup on my machine here, but i've done a really bad job of adding the books i've purchased in the last two or so years to it).

Anyway - to entertain myself in the meantime, i've just started reading The Tipping Point (having just finished Blink) and The Brothers Karamazov.

[1] Oh, yah - I gave in, brought an iPhone, love it so far, want to write apps for it, it has its annoyances but nothing worse than anything i've previously owned and mostly better. Only reason battery life kinda blows for me is i won't stop playing with the damn thing!
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I have need for .5-2 terrabytes of storage that is silent. I have a drive right now on my media machine that is a 500GB drive - but it has the noisiest fan in the world that pretty much comes on whenever there's any drive activity. Since I need to think about updaging capacity soon, I wanted to start looking at drives that would be, well, quieter.

Bonus points for low power, the intelligence to shut down when the host machine shuts off/goes to sleep, etc...


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