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Aug. 4th, 2008 07:12 pm
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pip@la note, originally uploaded by Focal Intent.

I have lots more film and photos to go through (another 6+ rolls to scan in, still, ugh) - but wanted to toss this one out in the ether while I worked on others.

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img219.jpg, originally uploaded by Focal Intent.

Mamiya c220 w/65mm lens on ilford fp4+

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Ghost train, originally uploaded by Focal Intent.

Ghosts need transit too


Jul. 19th, 2007 11:38 am
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Valve, originally uploaded by Focal Intent.

Mamiya rz67 pro II with a 180mm lens using Kodak t-max 400 - I think 1/200s at f/5.6, maybe f8?

Taken on a lunch time wandering yesterday, developed yesterday evening, scanned last night. I'm slowly getting more effecient at this whole film thing.

I love that the bellows focusing on the rz67 effectively means I can use any of my lenses (all two of them) with really close focusing. Even though this was a 180mm lens, I think I was no more than 6-12 inches away from the valve.
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Multiple exposure, originally uploaded by Focal Intent.

I call this one "so that's what the M switch on the camera means!"


Jul. 16th, 2007 10:52 am
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Game over, originally uploaded by Focal Intent.

The aftermath of a round of wink.

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Finally hooked up my scanner - these are the first four scans - no edits other than flipping the images around. Now that I know that it works i'll have to do another round at a higher dpi and start scanning/importing. I also think i'm going to want a set of better film holders for the scanner.

scans )
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Originally posted in a comment - this is a 110 dpi version of a negative off of the 645. If I hold the negative up to the monitor it is almost exactly this size (if not exactly):

Of course - whether or not it's the right size on your display depends on where between 72 and 150dpi your display is : )

first film

Jan. 29th, 2007 06:18 pm
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So, I got my first roll of film back with the medium format camera. I wouldn't say I was ecstatic about the shots. And I'm sure the 5x7 print size has left something to be desired.

But OMG - the negatives are... amazing. I can actually see an incredible amount of detail in them. I wish I had a negative scanner to be able to show them off. Alas, the crappy brother mfc-210c that is my only scanner at the moment does a really bad job with them. I know, I just tried to scan a strip of the film.

So - the best I can do, until I get a scanner that's better capable of handling film[1] is to scan the 5x7 prints that I got. Of course, see comment above about crappy scanner - 600x600 dpi is the best i can scan at, and the banding that i get is driving me up a wall. But for now, it's my best option for sharing these images out.

and now, the images themselves )

[1] I'm seriously tempted by the Epson v700 - as its film scans apparently approach $2000 dedicated film scanners in quality (sometimes surpassing them) and I don't see myself dropping $18k on a drum scanner anytime soon (if I'm going to drop that kind of money, i'd say fuck it and get myself digital backs). In the meantime, I should find a good place to send 120 strips off to for scanning)


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