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White Courtesy Phone
White Courtesy Phone

No Parking
No Parking

and there's a few more on flickr.
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I'll do a proper cull and edit and writeup of what I used to post the photos as i shot them tomorrow - but in the meantime - a quick peek:




And for the impatient - the full set
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I posted one of these the other day because I was impatient. Here's the full set of Pip at brunch

Pip goes to brunch! )

pip@la note

Aug. 4th, 2008 07:12 pm
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pip@la note, originally uploaded by Focal Intent.

I have lots more film and photos to go through (another 6+ rolls to scan in, still, ugh) - but wanted to toss this one out in the ether while I worked on others.

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My results from walking around over lunch with a camera. Film developed and scanned in the gaps of working this afternoon:

Forgotten Ties
Forgotten ties - Hasselblad 500c, 80mm lens, ilford panf film

Overgrown tracks
Overgrown Tracks -Hasselblad 500c, 80mm lens, ilford panf film

And there are a few more. My favorite bit with these photos? No light meter. Mostly application of the sunny 16 rule and adjustment from there.


Aug. 4th, 2007 02:42 am
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I always seem to catch babies deep in thought:


a few more )

more shots from this afternoon here.


Aug. 1st, 2007 04:26 pm
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cmere.jpg, originally uploaded by Focal Intent.

I still have to go through the shots and all - but on a first pass, this one leapt out at me, and so now it leaps out at you :)

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Red Illusion, originally uploaded by Focal Intent.

Favorite of this set, which is my favorite of the three sets [ profile] aroraborealis and I did when she was out here visiting. Played with some fun ideas with mirrors and reflections and such. I can't wait to do more!

(Still playing around with ways to reference sets of photos from flickr and such - i don't think I will continue with this setup for long)

Cut for flash gallery )

And, as usual - there's the flickr gallery and the Gallery 2 version.

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A few weeks ago, [ profile] contessagrrl was visiting and we spent an afternoon playing with a red dress, a red couch, a camera, and some wine. Here's some of the results. (warning - flash gallery ahead - playing around with options)
Photos of a Contessagrrl in a Red Dress on a Red Couch (what's your definition of worksafe?) )
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[ profile] vicissitude posing at his new yoga studio

Still exporting the rest of the shoot for him, and I think i've got my favorite dozen or so narrowed down. I'll probably put those up as soon as I get an OK from him about sharing some around - but I couldn't resist popping this one up :)
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[ profile] contessagrrl and I played with a red dress, a red couch, and a camera while she and family were out here visiting last week. This is one of my favorite shots of the set, I think:

There's others, just waiting to get them uploaded/ok'd before sharing - but, like mentioning above, this is one of my favorite ones.
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This is a 'scan' of one of the photos that I developed earlier tonight. Alas, my scanner bites dust in all the bad ways. So instead, I did a dirty thing. I put the negatives on my lighttable, set up the canon 5d with my macro lens on a tripod, pointed directly at said light table - and then proceeded to position the negatives, take a shot, lather, rinse repeat.

The full set of initial 'scans', with both the original shot and then the inverted/cropped/adjusted photo are in my flickr set posneg.

(This post also serves as a test of posting from flickr!)

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Not ready to start up the photo a day for a bit yet (I still have another 467 images to go through and cull down covering 4 more days!). But if I were, this might be a candidate for one of them:

Canon 5d, 70-200mm f/4L IS lens @ 200mm, ISO 400 for 1/160s at f/7.1
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Mar 1, 2007 - 11:05pm

Today, day 2 of what [ profile] elvendoll and I celebrate as our anniversary, was a full, busy, great day. It started out early with breakfast at our B&B - during which a toucan graced us with its precense, happily eating a melon not far from the table we were having breakfast at. The owners said it was only the second time in 7 years they had seen a toucan come to the farm. The first having been a week earlier.

From there we jumped in our truck and took off to the skytram. This was beautiful, fun and exciting! We first took a long trip up into the forest on a cable car, a few dozens of meters in the air. It was a small group, too. Normally the place sells out their tours packing nearly 20 people in a group, but on this day it was just [ profile] elvendoll and I, our two guides, and two people from Holland. As we were approaching the top of the tram ride we were able to hear Arenal grumbling in the distance. It sounded like a cross between thunder and an earthquake. A sound like thunder, but that distinctly came from the ground, not the sky. Unfortunately, even as the day was beginning to clear the volcano was still cloud-clad.

Coming down was a different experiance altogether. We were harnessed up and tossed down ziplines! Eight of them in all, some as high as 200 meters, and at least two of them longer than 600 meters. We supposedly reached speeds of somewhere between 30-60kph! It was, in a word, phenomenal. Of course, I have pictures - a full gallery of them here (and also on flickr here).

I wish there were enough words to fully describe the experience. (I also wish I had thought to bring the small camera that takes movies, and actually record one of the runs. Next time!). There was a freedom and comfort to being out in the middle of one of these ziplines, dozens of meters above the treetops, just floating in the air. While waiting at a zipline station for everyone to finish so we could go to the next one you could hear what almost sounded like the ziplines singing, as someone came, well, zipping down the line.

From there it was back in the truck, over to a hanging bridges tour of a different part of the forest, after a quick cafeteria lunch (mmm, with one of the best burgers i've had, ever). This was a 2+ mile walk/hike over a dozen metal and hanging bridges and the trails between. We saw a number of birds, a multiude of plants, and a little frog called the blue jean dart frog! So cute. This thing was maybe the size of my thumb - and very, very shy. There are more pictures from the forest here and here.

After the tour we came back to the hotel where we ended up taking an accidental nap. When we woke up, it was raining heavily outside. A blinding, almost solid kind of rain. We decided that going to a hot springs place sounded like the best of ideas! So we drove over to Eco Thermales. This place had an unmarked gate, and I had to get out of the truck in the rain to buzz in to see if it were possible to, late in the evening, come in to use the hot springs for a bit. Luckily the rain had kept many people away so there was, in fact, room for us! (They only allowed 100 visitors at a time). It was a nice, relaxing experience. Nothing like being out in an open hot spring in the pouring rain.

Finally, we brought our night to a close by having a great dinner involving flaming plates at a local restaurant and then sweet, sweet, sleep.

more photos behind the cut )
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A quick peek of the next batch of pictures, Arenal's hidden peak - Canon 5d w/24-105mm f/4L IS at 24mm, 1/800s f/13 @ iso400
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Feb 28th, 2007 @9:30pm

Full day. Woke up, slowly, to a really good breakfast and gorgeous views of clouds rolling in and out of the valley below where we stayed. After breakfast, we set off for Villa Blanca, to visit the cloud forest at Los Angeles. The drive there was easy, and beautiful. Once there, we set ourselves up with a guided tour of the forest. We saw an amazing variety of plants (a walking pine, red bananas, and various other flora).

After the tour, our guide invited us to hang out while she refilled the hummingbird feeders. We elected to spend some time in the orchid tent before making our way back. I got back just before [ profile] elvendoll and got to see a Coati sneaking around the birdfeeders (but it ran off before i could grab my camera, which is why you just get the wiki link :). We figured we'd spend a few minutes watching and then head on our way. However, there was one hummingbird who trapped us for nearly a half hour hanging out on a branch with us. I was convinced it was going to come with us. There are some adorable pictures of [ profile] elvendoll and the hummingbird as well as some other humming birds from the los angeles forest.

From there we drove back into San Ramon to get local currency and cash. It took some driving around but we were successful, and with that we hit the road to Arenal, the next part of our adventure.

I have a couple sets of photos from the los angeles cloud forest here, here, and here. For thems that prefer flickr, these photos are tagged with cloudforest on my account there.

Feb 28th, 2007 @11pm
The drive up here (to Arenal) was beautiful, and we made good time, getting up here before nightfall. Alas, Arenal was busy being shy and hiding behind a cloud. We checked in and settled into our room at Erupciones Inn where we went over our pictures from the day. A quick round of text messaging calmed some fears and pointed us at a really good restaurant for dinner.

Now, it is time to finish writing, take a long, hot bath (ed. never happened), peek to see if Arenal is still hiding (it was) and then to bed. Lots to fill tomorrow with!

5 Years. So much good there, looking forward to the next five, whatever form the take.

next time: our intrepid heros go zipping through the air and the volcano makes her presence known
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I'm going to be processing my photos one day at a time, most likely. It'll be a little less intimidating that way (nearly 1000 photos to go through, and that's not including [ profile] elvendoll's 600 - though she can do those herself : )

Luckily, the first day folder only had one image to collect, edit, crop, put up:

sunset over the wing of our plane as we're boarding to go to Costa Rica


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